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Non-Veg Mysterious Riddles With Answer, Can you solve these Mysterious Detective riddles? If yes, then these riddles will blow your mind and make you really think.

Non-Veg Food and Murder Riddles With Answer

Friends, another Chapter of our funny Long puzzle series is here for you, hope you will enjoy solving Logical Paheliyan. Logical riddles. All the riddles are answered below.

But first, you solve these riddles by yourself and then see the answer.

Then what is the delay, let’s start with Mysterious (Jasoosi) Riddles for Adults

Murder and NonVeg Riddles for Adult – Mysterious Puzzles

Non Veg Non-Veg riddles with answers for Adults Mysterious Puzzles and Paheli Jasoosi Dimagi Paheli moralstoryinhindi

riddles for Adult is here :

Once Shilpa throws a party for everyone on her birthday. She makes non-veg for everyone.

She calls three chiefs to prepare the food.

During the party, Shilpa goes inside her room and gets murdered there.

After a while, her mother goes to find Shilpa. She shouts loudly seeing Shilpa.

After some time the police come there and interrogate the three Chiefs.

puzzel 3 doors Non-Veg riddles with answers for Adults moralstoryinhindi
Then the first Chief says - I was giving water to everyone outside.
The second Chief says - I was outside talking to my wife on the phone.
The third safe says - I was making matar paneer sabzi for everyone.
3 doors puzzles answer Non-Veg riddles with answers for Adults morastoryinhindi

After listening to all three, the police immediately understand who committed the murder.

Friends, have you figured out who committed the murder? Tell your answer in the comment.






Answer – 1 Murder and Non Veg Riddles

Brain Puzzles – Mind Challenge Riddles with Answers

Solve all these Fun riddles and write your Answer below. Answers to all the riddles are given below.

Which Door to go Through – Brain Puzzle No 1

Roshni goes to her Village for a Holiday with her Family. On reaching there, She first meets Grandfather (Dadaji).

Grandfather becomes very happy to see her and talks a lot.

Then grandfather asks Roshni a question – Roshni, you are standing in a forest and there are Three doors in front of you.

There is a Snake in the first door
There's a Leopard in the other door
and the third door has a big ICE CUBE

But you don’t know which door has what, so how do you know which door to go through?

Friends, can you tell from which door Roshni will go ?

Answer – 1 Which Door to go Through

Phone dial number – Brain Riddles for Adult Paheli No. 2

Multiply the Dial number of the phone with each other

What number will come on doing this?

Think think…

How did the time pass – Brain Riddles for Adult Puzzle No 3

Mannu takes 120 minutes to reach Agra from Nagpur.

but it takes 2 : 00 hours to go back

How ?

5 Word Letter – Brain Puzzle No 4

UpsideDdown Identical

My Five-Letter Name

What am I – Brain Puzzle No 5

I walk fast

I make clothes and hair.

Tell me what am i

Two Twin Brothers – Brain Puzzle No 6

I Have Two Twins, my Brother.

Uniform in Appearance

Work the Same, Listen Carefully

Rich and Poor – Brain Puzzle No 7

Which charity are the rich and the poor

He gives both.

Mobile Company Name – Brain Puzzle No 8

Name one such Mobile Company

Whose Name Sounds Like

As if calling Mother.

If the end is cut – Brain Puzzle No 9

Chim-chim if the end is cut

If it is cut in the middle then it gets burnt

First cut then erased

tell me who am i

Walking around with his head covered – Brain Puzzle No 10

dressed in black,

wears on head

Protects me from the hot sun, hides in the shade.

What is it that – Brain Puzzle No 11

What is it that comes in the morning,

goes in the evening

And don’t know where it goes.

I eat everything – Brain Puzzle No 12

I eat whatever you give me.

But no one eats me.

what? Tell me ?

How long will it take – Brain Puzzle No 13

Keshav gave 4 apples to one of his patients.

And told him to eat an apple every half an hour.

Then tell, how long will it take him to eat the apple.

Join new people in Army Training – Brain Puzzle No 14

New people are joined in the army. Once the army trainer says to those candidates – Today I will give you a task

And whoever completes this task will get a chance to move forward.

The trainer locks everyone in a room that is completely open from the top and sealed from all sides.

The trainer gives them a rope, a bucket and a cloth and tells them – it will take 3 minutes to fill the room with water.

And it will take you 5 minutes to call your help and you guys can hold your breath only for 3 minutes.

Any one of these three things can save your life for a while.

Now slowly water starts filling in the room. All the candidates get thinking that how to save their lives.

Friends, you think and tell how everyone will save their lives.

Answer of Short Brain Puzzles

Note :

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Answer – 2 Phone dial number No. 2

Answer – 3 How did the time pass – No 3

Answer – 4 5 Word Letter – Puzzle No 4

Answer – 5 What am I – Puzzle No 5

Answer – 6 Two Twin Brothers – Puzzle No 6

Answer – 7 Rich and Poor – Puzzle No 7

Answer – 8 Mobile Company Name – Puzzle No 8

Answer – 9 If the end is cut – Puzzle No 9

Answer – 10 Walking around with his head covered – Puzzle No 10

Answer – 11 What is it that – Puzzle No 11

Answer – 12 I eat everything – Puzzle No 12

Answer – 13 How long will it take – Puzzle No 13

Answer – 14 Join new people in Army Tranning – Brain Puzzle No 14

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